Saturday, January 31, 2015

Milton Physiotherapy Rehab: Faster Post-Surgery Healing for Athletes

Undergoing surgery for sports-related injuries may be tedious, but the aftermath bears equally serious consideration to make sure the procedure presents the desired results. Scott Cruikshank of the Calgary Herald reports on one such situation: The news — Sam Bennett needing surgery on his cranky left shoulder — wasn't great. Nor was it entirely unexpected. So Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving stopped short of declaring it a worst-case scenario for the 18-year-old. "I look at it as, 'What's the best way to ensure that we have a good outcome?'" Treliving said this afternoon. "So you explore all the different avenues. Ultimately, the decision's made to get the issue fixed. "Anytime you're having surgery, that's not perfect by any stretch. But we have no reason to believe that this won't be . . . I hate to use the word 'routine,' but lots of players have gone through this."

Friday, January 30, 2015

Injuries Let Teams Down; Burlington, Ontario Orthotics Gives Them Hope

It’s been a bad season for the Leafs so far. During their November 6 game against the Colorado Avalanche, winger Daniel Winnik landed on his neck, while defenseman Jake Gardiner was badly bruised after blocking a shot. Although the Leafs put up a great fight, they lost to the Avalanche, 3-4. At least these guys had it easy. Three Leafs players have been hanging back for weeks due to cast injuries. Based on injury reports collated by, the Leafs should be back in full strength by the end of November. Only time can tell how well they’ll be able to play after weeks of inactivity.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Milton Chiropractor Warns Smartphone, Tablet Users about Neck Strain

Your neck connects your brain with the rest of your body. Subject your neck to excessive strain, and you can suffer headaches and pain in the upper extremities. Researchers estimate that text neck can exert as much as 60 lbs. of force on the neck at a 60-degree angle. In contrast, the average weight the neck has to support amounts to only 10 lbs. Treatment Treating a literal pain in the neck calls for the knowhow of a Milton chiropractor. Depending on the diagnosis, your chiropractor may begin scouring the neck for any off-tangent discs. However, as the neck houses some of the body’s most important nerves, a chiropractor may simply suggest a series of simple but effective exercises.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Burlington, Ontario Orthotics Providers Can Help with Runners’ Issues

Fortunately, one advantage that we possess over our ancestors is that we do not have to permanently live with the negative effects of these conditions, should we be unlucky enough to experience them. Modern medicine offers the knowledge of trained specialists such as Burlington, Ontario orthotics providers to help with these issues.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Milton Chiropractor Warns About Overreliance on Opioid Painkillers

A Milton physiotherapy clinic like Omni Health and Rehab Clinic uses chiropractic care to deal with various pain issues without relying on painkillers or other drugs. This form of alternative medicine manipulates various joints and the spine to mitigate, if not remedy, chronic pain. Any misaligned disc will surely cause pain to its region of influence.