Monday, February 2, 2015

Orthotics in Burlington, Ontario: A Quick Fix for Plantar Fasciitis

Much as walking or running regularly could do wonders for your health and stamina, the daily grind could take a toll on your feet. For people used to these physical activities, the consequences may be startling. Sheryl Ubelacker of The Canadian Press relates the story of a woman who suddenly suffered foot pain, in an article for Prince George Citizen: Connie Glen isn't sure what she did exactly, but in February she started getting unexplained pain in her left heel — and seven months, several practitioners and about $2,000 later, it's still not entirely healed, though she's finally seeing some improvement. Glen, whose exercise routine had ironically included yoga and pilates to help stretch and strengthen her muscles to prevent injury, had started taking twice-weekly barre classes that incorporate some of the "up-on-your-toes" exercises ballet dancers use to limber up.

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